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Whatever happened to Tina?

tinaChristine Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine

Famed zouk superstar, also known as Tina, has been in hibernation for some time. Since “Online”, her beautiful duet with Ali Angel, Tina has yet to stage an imposing comeback. She has come out with new clips, but few people seemed to have noticed. Haitian famed keyboard player Nickenson Prud’Homme played a major role in that video clip. Tina is also well known for the mixture of Konpa/Zouk-love in her beautiful melodies.

 Tina, just like many other famed zouk artists like Lea Galva, for instance, appears to have commandeered her train of success to the retiring dock. The ever growing presence of younger generation of zouk artists from Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, the Indian Ocean etc.., has effectively eclipsed the protagonists of the old time, of yesterday to be precise.  But Tina will forever remain an important zouk artist.

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