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The last thought of the day!

coupleb1By Ardain Isma

CSMS Magazine

Listen to your heart, but act with your mind. If he’s been talking to you for 20 years, you know he wants to be authentically engaged. If your heart does not reciprocate, be blunt.  Don’t give him false hope. Doing so will only prolong his sentimental ordeal. On this one, Gyna Jean-Pierre agrees with me. But if your love is deeper than just a skin-deep feel, give him more than just a chance. He may lack that far-fetched look of the quintessential romancero, but he perhaps knows or has what it takes to endure.

On Valentine’s Night, give him the chance of the last hour. Give him the last dance. Over time, you will probably master the grasp to fully redirect your deep-felt emotions toward him. It won’t be a bargain, for you’ll know his love will not be second-guessed. You’ll already know where he stands. He’s already spent 20 years, proving it.  

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