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Is Michael Dunn going off the hook on the murder of Jordan Davis?

michael dunnaCSMS Magazine Staff Writers

The nation waits with abated breath as a jury deliberates on whether or not Michael Dunn is guilty of the first degree on the death of teenager Jordan Davis. Let’s be reminded that Michael Dunn killed Jordan Davis on Thanksgiving Night just because the young man was playing his music which Dunn believed was too loud. Dunn pulled the trigger and unleashed 10 bullets into the boy’s body, killing him instantly and narrowly killing Davis’ friends who sat in the backseat. He then went off to a restaurant with his girlfriend and he wasn’t captured until the next day.

Now, we heard the jury has reached a verdict on the lesser charges, but has yet to reach a consensus on count number one: First degree murder. If someone can commit cold blooded murder, then arrogantly agreed to his act of murder, and a jury still can’t find him guilty after 4 days of deliberation, one wonders if we’re not heading down the same dark alley that we were a year ago when another cold blooded murderer in Sanford, Florida, killed with impunity, taking shelter under the cover of the shameful Stand Your Ground law.  So we wait, patiently.

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