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Global News

Haiti: The sociopolitical crisis deepens

CSMS Magazine Since the apparent departure of Haiti’s acting prime minister Ariel Henry, Haiti is struggling to retain the fragile grip on power even as...

US News

Poverty in America is on the rise

CSMS Magazine As the country is currently battling a major recession, a growing number of Americans are fast falling below the poverty line. Poverty means...

Biden’s trip to the Middle East: a success or mishap?

Jacob Davis CSMS Magazine President Biden’s overseas trip to the Middle East can be seen different depending on whether you’re watching from home or be part...

Happy New Year!


Women and High Cholesterol

This doesn’t give women permission to eat a lot of fats and sugars or to ignore high cholesterol completely. After all, new information is...

The Laxative Habit

Ardain's Corner

Cheryl Eager: A Kiss to wake me

Christine Jean-Pierre CSMS Magazine In this modern twist of a love story, Jamie and Cara first meet in the high school cafeteria. It was "love at...

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Author Wendy H. Jones speaks with Ardain Isma

Christine Jean-Pierre CSMS Magazine On this episode of “The Conversation,” renowned author Wendy H. Jones talks about the role of writing and how she draws inspiration...

Health & Medicine


Une saison qui change?

Ardain Isma Aujourd'hui, c'est le 1er septembre, croyez-le ou non. Pour la première fois depuis des semaines, j'ai vu un pic dans mon arrière cour...

Une esthétique dystopique


How COVID-19 has impacted the classroom

CSMS Magazine As the pandemic continues to disturb life as we knew it before Covid-19, education officials have to come up with new ways to...

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Gabi Wilson also known as HER makes a stop on the Florida first coast

Christine Jean-Pierre CSMS Magazine The progressive young artist popularly also known as HER has been reportedly to be scheduled to perform in Jacksonville sometimes this month....

Women, it’s time to reshuffle your beauty box

Angeline Jean-Pierre CSMS Magazine Women, it’s time to reshuffle your beauty box. Remember, it’s February — Valentine’s month, the time of the year when love springs,...

Screenwriter Gabriel Constans is my guest once more in “The Conversation”

Ardain Isma CSMS Magazine Months ago, Gabriel Constans was my guest in The Conversation. Well, he was not any guest. He was my very first guest....

Beauty is truly important

Jacqueline Giraldo CSMS Magazine Although people tend to ignore it, beauty brings self-confidence. It empowers the mind. We’re living in a world where impression is all...

Kylie Jenner’s big misstep on the launch of her cosmetic collection

Christine Jean-Pierre CSMS Magazine Reality T.V. star Kylie Jenner has reportedly stumbled in her promotional scheme leading up to the launch of her brand-new cosmetic collection....

Poetry & Literature

“Bittersweet Memories of Last Spring” book event

Ardain Isma Saturday September 10, I will be at the Chamblin Upton bookstore in downtown Jacksonville, Florida, for an interesting 3-hour book event. I will...

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