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Sweet Micky’s “Magouy” has run out of steam!

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A bloody showdown looms in Port-au-Prince. According to several news sources, thousands of Haitian demonstrators are marching toward the CEP’s headquarters and threaten to burn down the building in Pétionville—a suburban town northeast of Port-au-Prince—if the CEP does not declare the last elections null and void.  CEP is the French acronym for Provisory Electoral Council, which has the mandate to organize elections in Haiti. According to Haiti Observers, a news service that reports up-to-the-minute info out of Haiti, police are under strict order to keep the demonstrators at bay.

Well aware of what happened on Wednesday, reports say the demonstrators are equally ready to break through. “We will not be intimidated,” one can read on several banners. In a communiqué read over a number of Port-au-Prince radio stations, the opposition is raising the stake, demanding that the Martelly-Paul government be replaced by a transitional government to be headed by a consensus figure. Who could be this yet-to-be-declared figure? God only knows. Rumors, however, spread like wild fire, and a growing consensus seems to be emerging around Mirlande Manigat. Will Milou be the one?     

Unable to subdue a population increasingly emboldened by its God-given constitutional power, Sweet Micky and his backers now face a dangerous dilemma. Caught red-handed, they have two options: moving ahead with a sustained repression or cave in to the people’s demands. To Sweet Micky and his cronies, the latter option is out of the question, for this will undoubtedly mean admitting their own demise.

No one can morph a pig into a lamb. You can coat its fat lips with rouge lipsticks and dress it with the latest designs from Bloomingdale, it will still be a pig. For that, one can rest assured that Michel Martelly—if not reined-in by his masters—will kill thousands if necessary to install his Congo Sapeur embodied in Jovenel Moise.   

Now, the fight against foreign interference in Haiti is reaching a critical junction. The presidential candidates, who all claim to be fighting for Haiti and its people, need to show it. Creating a united front should be the most patriotic act in this critical moment. Will they do it? Don’t count on them. We can only hope. The fight is now theirs, and theirs to lose. Their love is only skin-deep and their action or inaction is only tactical, not strategic. But in the shadow of this democratic struggle, an authentic leader will emerge, and Haiti will be FREE at last!

The next hours are crucial…..   

Note: Magouy is a Haitian word which means a political ploy.

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  1. Next moment are indeed crucial, however Haiti is country of surprise what we expect to happen never happens.

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