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Progressive folksinger Kebert Bastien still on the rise!


By Christine Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine

Kebert Bastien, lovingly known as Keb, has just released a new video clip. Once again its title leaves no doubt about the artist’s unwavering stand against the enemies of his country of Haiti. Yes, Partez is its title, and within its breathtaking lyric one’s heart weaves through a dazzling melody—pure, acoustic and profoundly patriotic. Partez, which means LEAVE, is part of a new album within which one can savor other progressive songs like Machandiz (Merchandises), Linegalite (Inequalities) , Grangou (Hunger) etc… Two of these songs are part of a documentary soundtrack on the writing career of critically acclaimed author Ardain Isma.   

Partez is a direct rebuke to foreign interference in Haiti. This video echoes a general sentiment among Haitians, especially this new generation of Haitians who watch with despicable horror as their country takes a nosedive to oblivion—thanks to the establishment of an entrenched neocolonialism installed in the country more than 70 years ago, shortly after US military occupation officially ended. Here is the link to watch: Partez.

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