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Sweet Micky and his henchmen on the loose!

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Reports out of Port-au-Prince confirmed this afternoon an ugly reprisal may be underway. The Sweet Micky government intends to roll back the last vestige of the democratic gains—now only hanging by a thread—of the democratic struggles of the 1980s: Freedom of speech. According to several sources, a peaceful demonstration turned violent when police moved in to dislodge protesters from the street as they demanded, rightfully so, that an independent commission be created to address the issues of massive frauds committed during the last elections by the Sweet Micky wild dogs.

It is also reported a onetime presidential candidate Jean H. Céant was arrested and two other presidential candidates Steven Benoit and Moise Jean-Charles received gunshot wounds. It is not said what parts of their bodies got hurt and what were the conditions of the candidates after the shooting. CSMS Magazine cannot independently confirm whether or not this actually took place.  Yesterday, however, a similar demonstration was brutally suppressed by Martelly’s henchmen disguised as police officers. Watch this video as reported by Le Nouvelliste: Police brutality in Haiti

The US embassy in Port-au-Prince issued today the latest advisory for American citizens living on the island nation. Read: Advisory According to the US embassy, demonstrations were being reported in “Saint Jean Bosco Church, Rue Tiremasse, Rue St Martin, Carrefour Aviation, Delmas 2, Delmas 18, Carrefour Delmas Aéroport, Delmas 30, Delmas 32, Delmas 40b, Delmas 60, Place Boyer, in front of Best Western, in front of Giant Market, Rue Stephen Archer in front of the CEP, in front of Lycée Pétion Ville, in front Marie Béliard, in front Oasis Hotel, Bourdon, Rue Capois, Place Dessalines, MUPANAH. Place Fontamara, Boulevard Jean Jacques Dessalines, Rue Joseph Janvier, Bel Air,Saint Jean Bosco Church.”

In CSMS Magazine, we always say Election is not the solution to Haiti’s indescribable misery. A democratic revolution is. We also believe that none of these candidates can genuinely lead the Haitian masses to Promise Land. They are too egocentric, totally divided with no clear vision of how to take the fight to Martelly who is now using all means at his disposal to install a Congo Sapeur named Jovenel Moise to the presidency.

A united front is urgently needed to send a straightforward message to Sweet Micky and his stakeholders that this time “we stand ready to defend the Motherland.”

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  1. Steven Benoit and Moise Jean Charles were both hit on the head. Nothing major but enough to get them angry.

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