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Melody’s Vini on display this week

CSMS Magazine Staff Writers

This week CSMS Magazine is putting on display Melody, a beautiful Guadeloupian artist well versed in Compa/Zouk love. We’re featuring Vini, which is perhaps her most famous single.  According to l’Or Des Iles, a popular website focusing into promoting emerging artists, Melody had a humble beginning. She started in the church choir but was quickly noticed for her sensually filtered voice, as an army of well renown artists like Jacky Rapon, Ludo, Jacqueline Biere-Noire to name a few rushed to get her into their fold as background singer.

While performing in the background with already recognized names, it was her solo Vini that catapulted her to the zenith of her career. She is the quintessential Creole marabou, who walks in feline gesture and sings like the most beautiful songbird of the Tropics. Melody is certainly not her real name, but it does not matter. Many artists do so to protect their own privacy and identity and that of their family members. Since released on Youtube back in July of 2011, Vini has already been viewed more than half a million times.  So, this week, Vini is our featured video. Let’s watch:  


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