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You Are Amazing

By Chantale JimenezCSMS Magazine staff writerYour body is made of more than 50 trillion cells, 650 muscles, and 206 bones, all powered by a heart that beats close to 36 million times each year. You breathe in and out more than 23,000 times a day, and in the seconds it will take you finish reading this sentence your eyes will perform 10 billion computer-like calculations. What powers these miracles? Another miracle: Nutrition. So beginning this month, CSMS Magazine staff writer, Chantale Jimenez, will teach us about the role vegetables play in keeping our body healthy. Anyone who would like to contribute may feel free to do so. It is a rubric that will last a year, and may probably continue afterwards, providing we encounter more contributors.               Of all the things you can snack on, carrots are one of the most healthful. They’re especially beneficial. They’re especially healthy for your eyes, as the leading source of beta-carotene, a compound the body converts into vitamin A, as needed. Vitamin A helps the eyes adjust from darkness to light. It also aids bone growth, reproduction, cell division, and cell differentiation. Just one-medium size, saw carrot provides about 13,500 IU of vitamin A and 6,560 mcg of beta-carotene! Other great sources of Beta-Carotene? Sweet potatoes, peaches, spinach and broccoli.CSMS TIPDedicated exercisers sometimes skimp on stretching, thinking it’s not as important as a vigorous workout. Nothing could be further from the truth. Simple stretching has a myriad of benefits. It releases mental and physical tension, enhances relaxation and concentration, helps prevent injury, and calms and strengthens the nervous system. It also helps you perform everyday movement-like bending and reaching-with greater ease by increasing flexibility and expanding range of motion. So take a deep breath, stretch!

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