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Who is your valentine?

black couple 3 bestBy Gina Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine

I know who mine is—my husband of 10 years. But who is yours? This question was part of a study by the Center for Strategic and Multicultural Studies in which 50 fifty young men and women were asked to explain how deeply in love they felt. Sixty percent of them said their love was shallow at best, and that they were unsure if their current partner will ultimately be their true significant other.

This is chocking. Other studies have also shown that most female professionals are more interested in their career instead of embarking upon the great search for the charming prince. When one breaks this by gender, it is even worse with men.

So, on this Valentine’s day when love is on display, try to be real. Don’t fake it because fake love is self-defeating. It breeds infidelity and makes it harder to young people to create families. Man, it’s time to be true to yourself. Tell her that you’re committed to staying true to the end. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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