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Haiti: Jovenel Moise and his kleptocratic crew face an erupting volcano

fire in ch de mars1CSMS Magazine

What slowly started last week as marches against insecurity has catapulted into a student movement that is determined to stop Jovenel Moise and his shameless carnival initiative as it is customary every year in March like many Caribbean countries do. Today, police officers in both Port-au-Prince and Cap Haitien have joined the bandwagon. Jovenel Moise has few options: pursuing his Machiavellian plan of fomenting a stage play to please the enemies of Haiti or wag his tail and tell them that he has badly failed in his mission to hoodwink a population yearning for social justice.

Few hours ago, shortly after the police officers ended their march in Champs-de-Mars, the city’s main square, hundreds of demonstrators stormed the makeshift stands there where music bands, fat belly and parasitic businessmen plus wives and concubines wine and cheer every year even as Haiti is in free fall, nosediving toward the unknown. It seems like we’re on the verge of final offensive number 3.

Watch the videos below.

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