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Unfallen friend

friendshipI searched deep within me

I opened up all the doors of my emotions

I wanted to cry, letting the water flow

I examined myself, wondering why I wanted to show strength

When in fact I was crumbling inside

It was not the lack of emotions

They were boiling inside like a river in fury

I was sad and angry and wanted to argh…..

Yet when I think of you leaving, sadness shadows my heart

At the same time, I wanted to be happy for you

But deep down, I was praying

Praying that you will not go

I’m dubious; bitter/sweet feelings crippled my soul

I was trying to reach, but I realize you were too far from me

We’ve known each other for more than 4 years

Our memories were endless

We had our highs and lows, but our friendship endured

There were times I wanted to strangle you

Rolled my eyes at your attitudes

Hugs you when you acted the sweetest

Pat your so-wanna-be afro hair

Lay on your shoulder or purposely getting you mad

Only to make you laugh afterwards

Yes, we have good memories

I’ll say awesome memories

But now you are leaving

All I can do is to watch with a sad eyes

I worried about you even if I don’t appear so

All I want is the best

I know I should be happy for you

But I wouldn’t be a good friend if I were to say I am

I know of your decision and I respect it

I will always remain that friend by your side, if you would allow it

An unfallen friend whose goal is to make his friends laugh.


Claire Bijou, Port-au-Prince 4-28-2015

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