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International Workers Day!

workers dayCSMS Magazine Staff Writers

Today is International Workers Day. While we celebrate this well-deserved moment in time with our fellow workers, we must understand millions of citizens around the world are being thoroughly exploited, especially those who work in sweatshops in Bangladesh, in Haiti etc… It is estimated that millions of workers are exposed to harmful residues, the most extreme conditions, only to be paid next to nothing. We’re living in a world where the disparity between rich and poor is evermore widening, where the proliferation of billionaires is on the rise, even in Haiti—one of the poorest nations on earth.

Corporate profits and workers’ compensations are diametrically at odds, and those who have been able to enrich themselves so quickly did it through raw exploitation of the vulnerable. Poverty is not a curse, it is a social condition that needs to be corrected. Let’s make this day one to reflect upon the conditions of millions of workers—men, women and children who dwell in poverty. Let’s us stand united with them in their quest for poetic justice.  

Long Live The Struggle!

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