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Jacques Stéphen Alexis forever lives!

JSACSMS Magazine

Remember Jacques Stéphen Alexis, lovingly called Jacques Soleil for his gut-wrenching novel Compère Général Soleil. He foresaw a second independence for Haiti, the only way to rid his country from the grips of its enemies. As Haiti is still mired in the thickest fog of misery, Soleil’s teaching is evermore needed. He had no fear—not for his life at least. He knew the fight for political freedom is one of the toughest ones, but only those who have managed to overcome their fears will stand a chance at reaching the finish line. Of course, he was silenced in 1961 by the Creole fascists. Beyond the frame of his physical being, however, he lives on. JSA is our star that will forever shine in the firmament.  

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