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Haiti: Is Moise Jean-Charles a confused politico?

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News out of Port-au-Prince yesterday zeroed in on Moise Jean-Charles, the populist candidate with a virulent anti-foreign domination message. The reports said Jean-Charles stunned his fellow coalition partners by publically making it clear that he will not fall into any line behind Jude Célestin if indeed the latter were to be the consensus candidate in the fight against Michel Martelly. This public statement, if deemed to be true, called into question the very cohesiveness of which the G-8 group claimed to have existed among them in the battle to stall the Haitian president in his attempt to impose a stooge—Jovenel Moise—to replace him. Martelly’s scheme, if succeed, would allow him to continue to rule from behind the scene after his term in office ends in February of next year.   

Moise Jean-Charles’ declaration created a political firestorm yesterday. It was the main buzz in most social networking sites on the web. If Moise Jean-Charles is NOT able to withhold his personal ego in order to win a strategic fight on the road to popular victory, it’s hard to imagine how he could master the political shrewdness strategically important to outmaneuver his opponents and push forward in a terrain as foggy as that of Haiti’s. Impulsiveness is a nonstarter in politics, and Moise Jean-Charles—enigmatic in his moves—now strolls in a frenzied spook like losers who long for the partiality of nature, but badly lack the indulgence or clemency needed to secure it.  

He needs to understand that he will never win an election financed by the US—heavily contested, even if he has the edge. And he CANNOT win personally (for He, Himself and Him), because popular democracy of which he claims to belong is totally at odds with the feudalistic-lumpen bourgeoisie in Port-au-Prince, a major stakeholder in political outcomes in Haiti. Jean-Charles can only win convincingly and unequivocally—something only his political skillfulness backed by popular demands can eventually deliver. Le grand soir de la révolution (The great revolutionary night) is still some distance away. Stick this into your head, Timal!      

It is true Jude Célestin is an untrusted politician, opportunist and strait-jacket conformist in his nature, and he decided to join the rest of the candidates in the fight against Sweet Micky when it became clear to him that the foreign embassies were not going to support him. 

That’s beside the point here. Is he the main target of the moment?  If Celestin is the prime target here, then we’re totally confused. This is childishness, and childish behavior is a dangerous precedent in participatory democracy. Statements like this could only make Moise Jean-Charles stand small in front of his political partners and also have metamorphosed him into Mr. Bombastic whose temper cannot be subdued with the passage of time, and when passion and emotion are not able to be watered down with moments of compassion, melodrama is likely to burst onto the stage.

We thought the fight centered around the creation of a transitional government to be headed by a consensus figure with a mandate to create conditions for free and fair elections in two years. Apparently, we were all being misled.

Moise Jean-Charles, who calls his movement Pitit Dessalines, is acting more like Pitit Aristide whose egocentrism surpasses no other. Moise needs to read about Dessalines ’dazzling stratagem in early November of 1803 to capture Port-au-Prince. Dessalines knew Lamour Desrances, renegade leader, had the power to derail a military victory over Port-au-Prince, so he and his top generals, Alexandre Pétion included, pledged allegiance to Lamour and subsequently outmaneuvered him.

Reports out of Port-au-Prince this morning say Jean-Charles is doubling down, and maybe will be tripling down tomorrow. But the damage has already been done.  The presidential candidate ought to understand, if he is seriously sincere and that he’s not playing his part in a shadowy partition, he can only be part of a long struggle for social justice and democracy in Haiti—nothing more. Short of such understanding, he will soon, like many others before who’ve refused to relinquish their petty-bourgeois aspirations, fade into nothingness.

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  1. I think it’s time to start paving a new way when it comes to how to get the best peoples to represent us as a nation.This is the 21st century, we can ‘the continue to do things that way no more.

  2. JeanGerardDimanche I agree with you on all counts. What needs to be done is a fundamental break from the past. Also, we need to learn to take our own initiative. We don’t have to wait for them. Obviously, if the founders of Haiti were  waiting for some French human rights advocates to come to the rescue, we would still be in slavery today. They took matters into their own hands. Those who claim to be political leaders in Haiti are no more important than you…..Haiti must live on!

  3. As a politician, Jean Charles Moïse cannot be trusted because of the many lies he has been spreading arround. Moïse has NEVER been designated by Castro to become Préval’s Adviser. He NEVER was responsible for closing the Petro Caribe agreement with Venezuela (how can a responsible journalist report such absurd claims?), Moïse was NOT the founder of FOKAL and was forced to resign from the organization for reasons he should tell the Haitian people. Moïse is a populist and like all populists he brags about fighting for the people while ”taking care of Moïse” …. Who are the people around him? What are their political credentials and their credentials in general? Moïse is as much for the status quo as any one else … WHO has been spending money on his campaign? Please, dig into the man and find out what he really stands for …

  4. Moise Jean-Charles knows exactly that he was talking about, He has common sense. He love his country, he just made a correction about that Senator Anacacis was saying on Magic 9 Radio in Port-au-Prince, the next day he clarified it for everybody, they listened to him and even the G8 accept that he was right on his comments , he’s a great leader not a dealer. he needs much respect. he would be hard for headlees people understand him but he’s right !

  5. Politologue  Can you question the PHTK candidate also to find out where get financed for his campain?

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