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Beauty and skin care

Martine Berger

CSMS Magazine

As in my previous short pieces, today I’m focusing on the long-term care of your skin. Remember skin care and beauty go hand in hand. However, in the quest to maintain a saintly visage, you must be patient and consistent. Long-term change has never been easy. Consistency is key here. Reject yo-yo diets. It can be damaging to your health. Be proactive. Routine use of high-quality skin care will ultimately give you what you want. I’m sure all of you, ladies, strive for beauty at its finest, forcing all eligible bachelors to go nuts. Every handsome gentleman wants his wife or significant other to look eternally beautiful.

Another reason to maintain a proactive skin care regimen—whether young or old, is that it can make a huge difference over the long term. Maryse Isma has some very important articles and videos about skin care that all women can make great use of. It’s all about using natural ingredients to do it yourself. Natural products are better, for they are worry free, and if use properly, they can be the necessary tools that you will always need to fight off the invading wrinkles and preserve the glow of your smooth face. Beauty brings self-confidence—remember this.

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