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Thursday, March 30, 2023

A sad day for Haitians

CSMS Magazine Staff Writers

Several activities are being planned today to honor earthquake victims in Haiti. In Miami, a mass will be held along with candel light vigils around town. In New York, CSMS Magazine was told that many activities are also being planned. Other places in the Haitian Diaspora are being mobilized, including Paris, Boston and Montreal. In Haiti, the situation remains sober as the country tries to come to grip with what had happened. As we all know, Haiti is like a very sick patient that needs the support of all of its children.

Let us put our past quarrels behind us. Let us, at least for now, put aside our internal divisions, our self -egocentrism and join hands to save the Motherland. If Haiti has to survive, it is WE who will have to make it happen. Let us be the good Haitians we have always been, our forefathers were: patriotic and revolutionary.

Haiti must SURVIVE!

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