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Year in Caribbean Music: 2010

By Christine Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine Staff Writer

As our tradition, our review this year is quite interesting, despite early on, Haiti suffered its worst nightmare in its recent history. It sounds like music is the only refuge, a tiny air of sanity that keeps us going. The following is our review for year.

Best Zouk Artist

Our best zouk artist in 2010 is Kenedy. The Guadeloupian songstress had three top ten singles this year, Courscours tourjours, Entre-toi et moi, and the smash number #1 hit Emme mwen an Kreyol. Kenedy’s sophomore album Entre toi et moi, which was released in early January, won the 2010 Sacem award for best album of the year, and the success of the album earned Kenedy the Sacem female artist of the year award. The video for Emme mwen an Kreyol earned 153,568 views on YouTube to date, which is the highest views for a kompa video from a female artist  this year and has held the number four spot consistently on Trace TV’s Tropical countdown for seven months straight.

Best Zouk Song

Best zouk song in 2010 goes without a shadow of a doubt to the smash hit La Vi San Vou by Legendary artist and author Francis Lalanne. The song was written by Francis Lalanne and Produced by DeeJay Wilson. The single La Vi San Vou was the most surprising hit of the year because of the fact that someone of Lalanne’s prestige would do a zouk song. The single was so successful that it had the highest number of requests in both Zouk and regular hit radio stations all over the Caribbean, France, the Netherlands, and Belgium. The video for La Vi San Vou has reached over 80,000 views to date on YouTube and reached the number three spot on Trace TV’s Tropical countdown for four months, and was nominated for the Sacem award for song of the year.

Best Kompa Band

Kompa band of the year goes to Carimi for their successful album Buzz and also for the first single which was the title track of the album. According to LeBlogDuZouk, the album Buzz reached the number one kompa album of 2010 in Martinique, Guadeloupe, and French Guiana. The first single Buzz is the number one kompa song in the Caribbean for the year 2010 according to MagZouk magazine. The success of the album and the single Buzz earned Carimi the 2010 Sacem award for best group and two prestigious Afro-Caribbean awards for best band and song of the year.

Best New Artist

New Artist of the year goes to Kim for her self-titled album Kim; four hit singles, and had one of the most talked rumors in 2010. The album had sold an estimated 20,000 copies to date according to MKM radio.com and had four back-to-back top ten singles mom ami, je suis accro, je peux dead, and si tu n’ étais plus là.

Je peux dead which was the second single of the album had highest number of requests in TraceFm radio stations in Martinique, Guadeloupe, and French Guiana.  The success of je peux dead also earned Kim an award for best new artist at the 2010 Sacem awards.  Two thousand ten (2010) was also the year that the young songstress would be the subject of a nasty rumor involving her being dead while performing at a concert in French Guiana. According to teleantilles.com, the rumor was never true and what actually happened  was a technical glitch at the one of the clubs in Paris that she was performing in, and that glitch caused a small fire backstage, the fire was so minor that the there were no reported of injuries or casualties.

Note: CSMS Magazine would welcome comments regarding the selection of artists or groups.


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