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A beauty that smiles

black b1aI have seen through your eyes

the essence of mankind

the world is at its knees

in exchange for your life

because you add to its values

I have long traveled

in search of inspirations

innovations that could

renovate my muse

sadly I handicapped

my motivation with despair

and then I found you

to rise the sun of my world again

just by sighting me

I thank God for the day

he made you a part of his creation

what appears to be

a simple favor from Him

added an everlasting flavor

into my existence

so tell me with so much at your feet

what is it that keeps you from smiling

there is no beauty without joy

with joy comes beauty

I am sure you deserve both

let me be the one who brings you joy

I will keep it priceless for you

at one condition

when God call upon you

to stand at the gate of heaven

as his most precious angel

please remember me

stealing you from the one

who sadden your heart

was a sin to pay for.


Indi-Ara Richard, Atlanta 9-8-2015

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