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Bernie Sanders: Soaring!

sanders surgesaBy Ardain Isma

CSMS Magazine

Social Democrat and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has taken the lead over the too-soon-to-be-crowned and the establishment’s favorite Hillary Clinton. The latest polls in Iowa have placed Sanders ahead of Mrs. Clinton—Sanders at 41% while Hillary at 40%. This is a stunning reversal, a reversal of fortune, that is, for the former First Lady who just 6 months ago was the undisputed front runner for the Democratic Party nomination. Sources close to the campaign said Hillary 2.0 stands this morning on shaky ground. Hillary, who has long been mired in all kinds of credibility issues, doesn’t know what “Saint” to evoke as she watches with crippled heart the surging of Bernie Sanders in public opinion polls and there is nothing she can do to stop it, despite her billion-dollar campaign war chest.

In the hope to suppress Bernie’s message and to once again blackmail the American voters, the corporate media have been hard at work to silence him. They rarely give him a primetime slot, and whenever they bring him in, there is always a hidden agenda. It’s not because they want to educate the voters on Bernie’s position on the issues. They bring him on the air because they hope to trap him into making a strategic blunder, like ABC’s Global Affairs Correspondent and hawkish journalist Martha Raddatz tried to do two Sundays ago on ABC’s This Week.

Martha Raddatz, who dwells on war and on America’s global dominance, tried to corner Bernie on his position vis-à-vis the Iraq war. Bernie voted against the war in Iraq and he eloquently explained the rationale behind his No vote. Bernie Sanders considers the war in Iraq as the “bigger foreign policy blunder in modern history of our country.” It was the war that left 6,700 Americans dead, 500,000 American soldiers handicapped for life with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), a country (Iraq) completely dismembered while millions of its citizens are internally displaced.

Martha’s other guest on the show was Louisiana’s Republican Governor Bobby Jindal. None of these questions were aroused during the ABC journalist cordial chat with Jindal, which seemed to justify ABC’s position on who they would prefer as president of the United States.

Bernie is running a vigorous, clean, trenchant, pungent, and penetrating campaign, focusing solely on the issues, not on bombastic soundbite and certainly not on trivializing pertinent issues facing the American people like Donald Trump is doing.

Bernie Sanders stands for free universal health care, free tuition for colleges and universities, a living wage, not a minimum one, waging peace, not war, uprooting institutional racism and more….This is poetic justice and this is why he is soaring in the polls.  

Note: Dr. Ardain Isma is author and educator. He is the chief editor of CSMS Magazine. He is a scholar and an active eyewitness to complex problems of society. His latest novel Midnight at Noon can be purchased at all book retailers. To order a copy, you can click here: Midnight at Noon

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