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Beneath A Starlet Sky by Amanda Goldberg and Ruthana Khalighi

By Christine Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine

A book review

The book digs deep into the flamboyant, cutthroat world of Hollywood where ambition and scandal are at a constant high. The novel continues to follow the lives of its three main characters: Lola Santisi, Kate Woods, and Cricket Curtis, as they navigate the deceitful ground of the entertainment industry. These three characters hold the center piece of the story because of life changes and how their personal lives turned upside down due to issues such as mental illness and homelessness.

Lola Santisi, the protagonist, is the daughter of a former Hollywood A-list couple, struggles to make a name for herself without relying solely on her parents’ fame. In the novel, Lola has transitioned from being a disillusioned actress to a budding fashion designer. Her journey is troubled with challenges as she attempts to break into the highly competitive fashion world. The book captures her determination to succeed on her own terms, battling self-doubt and the constant scrutiny of the media. Lola also struggles to make sure that she is not a perfectionist but a serious person to work with despite her bipolar condition. Lola also battles feelings of failure whenever it comes to talking about her family’s achievements such as her brother Christopher’s movie at the Cannes awards where he won Best Supporting Actor and none of her film projects from that year made the cut to be nominated.

Furthermore, the novel is outstanding for its keenness and lite humor. The authors skillfully blend satire with heartfelt moments, creating a narrative that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. The dialogue is snappy, and the characters’ interactions are filled with clever banter, reflecting the high-stakes nature of their world. Despite its glamorous setting, the novel delves into universal themes of self-discovery, friendship, and resilience. The characters’ struggles to define themselves and their careers resonate with readers, making their journeys relatable despite the extravagant backdrop. Lola’s quest for independence, Kate’s balancing act between career and love, and Cricket’s battle with the pitfalls of fame are all rendered with sensitivity and distinction.

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