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We are here, not dead

CSMS Magazine Staff Writers

We’re very sorry for the long absence. It was beyond our means of control. We were experiencing some logistical difficulties. But we are back now, doing what we love best: informing our diehard readers. We have received numerous e-mails from our audience wanting to know what was wrong. We were once again pleased to see how sincere and devoted our readership has been with CSMS Magazine over the past five years. Next month, we intend to celebrate with our audience the 5th anniversary of CSMS Magazine. On that occasion, several of our staff writers have decided to donate a copy of their books to the first 20 readers who agree to subscribe free of charge to CSMS Magazine. The raffle will be part of a survey we are currently undertaking in order to get to know better our readership and also find out the origin of our readers—what country or state they are from and what they like the most about CSMS Magazine. Our staff writer Bill Robbins is in charge of coordinating the survey. It is our hope that everyone participates. Be on the lookout for the survey questionnaire.

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