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The progressive movement and the Haitian case

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The rise of rightwing nationalism and the triumphant attitude of the rich have created an atmosphere of insecurity and incertitude in the struggle for social justice. Those who control the reins of power will not relinquish it unless compelled to do so, as Dr. Cornell West (left in the picture) would tell you. While the masses around the world continue to fight for human rights, the dark forces have equally been hard at work to stall all progress in the fight for economic, social and environmental justice. They use their mainstream media to wage psychological warfare against the poor and the working class. They also use all form of manipulation to outwit the masses, granting them unspoken conditional freedom—“freedom” of expression, “freedom” of assembly, but not “freedom” to create their own political party capable of challenging the status quo. In other words, it’s “okay” to mass mobilize as long as your movement remains a leaderless movement. In this video below, Ardain Isma ponders on the role of the current progressive movement around the world with a closer look at the long and difficult road towards Haiti’s democratic socialism.

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