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Ratcheting up the pressure on Iran to orchestrate regime change

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US involvement in the war in Yemen has raised the prospect of a conflagration in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia, the richest Arab country is destroying the poorest one, Yemen, in a proxy war with Iran. The United States has been playing a major role in facilitating a war that has produced the most horrific humanitarian crisis in the world today, providing logistics in weaponry and in technology. The impossibility to win in Yemen, despite the carnage, the US has been ratcheting up the pressure on Iran being accused of supporting the Yemeni-Houthi rebels in Northern. The US has imposed the stiffest of economic sanctions on the Islamic republic. As many experts agree, a war with Iran will not only be a conventional one as John Bolton and Pompeo would want. It would also be an asymmetrical one, which would set the stage for a wider, regional conflict. Ardain Isma, in a video below gives a clear picture of the danger in proxy wars.

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