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Ted Cruz: when the chicken comes to roost

Potential Presidential Candidates Speak At Iowa AG SummitArdain Isma

CSMS Magazine

He is one of the most arrogant proponents of sealing the border against Mexican immigrants and all non-Americans for that matter. He never thought his arrogance could have caught up with him. This week, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz finds his back against the wall, trying to clarify his “natural-born Americanism.” Quite embarrassing for a man who claims to be the most zealous when it comes to defend his Tea Party credentials—with an odd, idiotic, edgeless shriek.    

He had hoped his crocodile cry would have been sufficed to camouflage a truth he was dying to keep from the public view. Ted Cruz, who was born in Calgary, Canada from an American mother and a Cuban father, was accused by Donald Trump of creeping his way to the presidency without getting a “declaratory” statement from a judge to confirm his natural-born citizenship.   

The constitution of the United States is clear on the issue. To be president of the United States, one has to be a natural-born American. Cruz, who is a lawyer and constitutional “scholar”, defends his duly natural-born(ism); and many experts agree. His American mother makes him “natural.”

This revelation, however, could prove politically damaging for a man who is seeking to build a power base from the very groups of Americans who are harshly suspicious of and even hostiles to anything un-American: Tea Party Republicans and evangelical voters.

In a clumsy attempt to solve his dilemma, he sought shelter from John McCain, who was born in an American military base near the Panama Canal. In a swift and expedient fashion, the Arizona Senator rebuffed Cruz, pointing out the difference between he and Cruz. “I was born in an American base. He was born outside of any American constituency.” Adding insult to injury, his fellow presidential candidate Ron Paul was blunt. “He’s surely qualified to be the PM of Canada.”

Ted Cruz is getting a taste of what it means to be shunned. As much as he wants to move beyond this issue, he’s in no position to apply “Cruise Control” in his rightwing bandwagon. Political expediency does not work here. Take it or leave it. In presidential politics, everything is fair game.

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