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Michel Delpech dies at 69

French Singer Michel DelpechChristine Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine

Michel Delpech, the author of the 1965 classic Chez Laurette passed away this afternoon after a long illness. He was 69. Albeit this legendary comédie musicale Chez Laurette, which has become a pseudo theme for CSMS Magazine, Michel Delpech is also the author of a myriad of great songs like Pour un flirt, Wight is Wight, Avant l’ inundation etc… CSMS Magazine’s Chief Editor Ardain Isma loves his songs to the core—to the point he has created his own replica of Chez Laurette in a fictional sketch setting in Palatka, on the bank of Saint Johns River.  Michel’s last great song is titled La fin de ma route (The end of my road). It was a great success.  Already, he predicted his death. Michel will be missed.

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