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Angelica the beauty queen

sad girlJacob Davis

CSMS Magazine

The most beautiful girl in town lives in solitary confinement, but no one seems to notice. At work, she is the most extroverted one. At home, however, she clocks like a gossipy hen in a desperate search for a mate. No one hears her cry. On weekends, she goes hitchhiking in hope of catching a ride to Romance Land. Her cousin Susie went to visit her last week. Susie found her on her couch, cooped up under a reddish fringed, yellow throw. She looked dazed like a beaten rooster after a violent cock fight. She raised her head to speak, but found her lips muted, as tears welled down her oval cheeks. “What’s wrong cousin?” Susie inquired—horror-struck. Angelica lurched to one side, shifting her butt compulsively. And with odd smile, she uttered feebly, “I’ve lost the war.”   

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