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Spring is in the air!

spring allergiesCSMS Magazine

As the spring season is up on us, to some people, its beginning can be tough to tolerate. If you’re feeling the blues, don’t panic. We’re in transition, emerging from a wintry fold. Flowers and plants push their blooms to the fullest and, with that, an army of allergens that many of you can’t seem to tolerate. The body becomes allergic to them and, as a result, your eyes turn watery and you never stop sneezing. It could make you very uncomfortable.  

If your body is allergic to the blooming season, experts recommend to stay indoors as much as possible. There are over-the-counter medicines that could very prove effective when fighting allergies. Go to your nearest pharmacy and ask for help. Don’t let your allergies take hold of your mind. The rain will also help. Good patches of rains will accelerate the bloom and will eventually wash away the allergens. By mid-May, you should be fine. Hang on! Like us Facebook: www.facebook.com/csmsmagazine

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