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Sally Hemings’ story is still an intriguing one

sally-hemings and Jefferson aBy Christine Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine

In retrospect

Sally Hemings never earned her freedom from Thomas Jefferson, although she was reported to have been freed by Jefferson’s daughter Martha and was allowed to live a humble live the last 9 years of her life. This explains how beautiful slaves were used by their masters. A quadroon mulâtresse who accompanied Jefferson to London and then to Paris and spent two years there with him. It is not known for sure how and why Sally agreed to return to the United States in 1789 with the man who had enslaved her. She had the opportunity to remain in France and live as a free person, using the French revolution which abolished slavery. It couldn’t be love, for love and slavery are incompatible. Love bears romance and the ultimate expression of affection. Slavery symbolizes hate at its highest form. What do you think?

Note: For more on the story of this beautiful slave who said to have conceived as many as 6 children from Thomas Jefferson, you can click here: Sally Hemings

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