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Rose-Philippe Coriolan: CSMS Magazine’s Person of The Year!

rose3aCSMS Magazine Staff Writers 

Every year, we honor a personality for either his/her talent or accomplishments. The choosing person does not have to be necessarily Haitian. He must be someone whose works can be tied to the struggle for social justice. In this frame of thought, Rose Coriolan is without question our Person of The Year. Rose, as she is lovingly called, is a professional who lives by her creed and for the defense of her awesome creed which is none other than fighting on behalf of those who live in the fringe.  

Besides her daily obligations, managing a well-known radio station (WSRF 1580 AM) in Northeast Miami, Rose is a work-addicted individual, a workaholic who dwells from the bitter chagrin at sunset and hopes the 24-hour of the day could have been extended. Rose is a well-known filmmaker and a social activist whose passion for the poor surpasses no other.

Rose is the Executive Director of Built-a-Better-Tomorrow, a philanthropic organization that works on feeding the needy. The latter project is not restricted to those in need in the Miami area. It has also tied the knot with Haiti, working hand-in-hand with other local organizations in a quest to bring a little relief to some of the millions in need in that Caribbean country.

A passionate of the Caribbean arts, Rose has forged alliances with a network of artists—writers, movie celebrities, folk singers etc… Her goal is to embark upon a reeducation project in the coming year. Reeducating various Haitian communities on the urgent need for a cultural renaissance will be her prime mission. Rose has the logistics and the wherewithal to make it happen, as she shared her projects with Dr. Ardain Isma during a conversation in Miami last month.

Rose feels that we need to take a proactive approach in promoting events like book signings, socio-political forums, and other forms of cultural activities—the only way, she believes, we can ensure a long lasting cultural presence in the Haitian Diaspora.

Rose Coriolan is also a mother, down to earth, authentically engaged in the education of her young handsome boy. Because of all these accomplishments, CSMS Magazine has chosen Rose-Phillippe Coriolan as the Person of The Year of 2014.   

Note: More pictures of Ms. Rose Coriolan can be found on our Facebook Fan Page. Click on this link: www.facebook.com/csmsmagazine

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