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war 1What am I about to do?

Do I want it?

Do I have a thirst for it?

My mind says no

But my body tells a different story

Just the thought of it sends me in a frenzy

I mustn’t, but I think I will

I know it’s wrong

Yet, I am unable to stop yearning for it, unable to resist

Lord help me

I want to feel it

I want to experience it once more

I want to live that sensation

To feel it over and over again

To feel my blood rushing out of my veins

To feel and taste the heat

Like a mad ocean hitting the peaceful shore

My body and mind are constantly at war

I want to give them both what they seek

Bu no common ground can be reached

Their arguments go back and forth

Restlessly, without pity

I am torn between “I shouldn’t and I should”

Who will win?

Can’t ya be neutral?

My deeper conscience asks

But both shout NO

My body is betraying me

My mind is trying to reinforce the barrier

Neutrality is not an option

I must do what’s right

But… what is right?


Claire Bijou, Port-au-Prince 12/27/2014

NoteClaire Bijou is poet and essayist. She lives and works in suburban Port-au-Prince. You can read part of her collection by going to our section: Poetry and Literature

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