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Happy New Year!

ardin1abBy Ardain Isma

CSMS Magazine

It’s nice to know there are so many of you who have dazzlingly confessed how super your 2014 was. I’m also pleased to say I was a part of the blissfulness, but I hate sugarcoating what seems surreal. Don’t get me wrong. It feels nice to be alive and be part of an ever-changing world. It would be, however, very hypocritical or even shortsighted to reduce the world to the dimension of one person—your/my “super” being. While we claim to be blessed, millions go hungry every night, millions are internally displaced, and millions dwell in the shadow of death.

War ravaged Syria, Ukraine, Mali, Central Republic of Africa, earthquake-weather-beaten faces of malnourished children of Haiti, those who live in the Dominican “bateys” and in subhuman conditions in some of the Bahamian islands are just a few spots in the world where 2014 was just a living hell. The New Year is not so promising either. To these resilient people, despite their tragic life and misfortunes that have befallen them, all predictions gear toward one single conclusion: 2015 sets to be as hopeless as the year before. Let us reminder them and most importantly, let us be their change agents for the upcoming year. Let us be their spokespersons. Let this thought be part of your NEW YEAR’s resolutions! I love you all.

Happy New Year!

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