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Remembering Steve Jobs

By Dandy Isma

Special to CSMS Magazine

It was long suspected, but few people wanted to acknowledge it. For some time, Steve Jobs’s passing was already factored in by the business community. Steve was like a living saint in the world of technology and multimedia. Indeed, Steve Jobs was an American icon. At 56, Steve Jobs has accomplished a lot. His ingenuity in both innovation and in marketing has earned him the title as the guru of the century.

In his lifetime, he did a lot of amazing things that helped revolutionized how computers and gadgets function to day in the present digital age. He leaves behind a wife and four beautiful children that was his core. He found out he had cancer in 2004 and has had a long battle with it up until today when he finally fought the last fight.  Last month he resigned has head of Apple Incorporated.

News of Steve Jobs’ passing has sent shockwaves to the world. From Europe to Asia, people were in a state of shock. Investors and shareholders alike are wondering about what Apple will become without Steve Jobs. The company for sure will survive, but will it be at the forefront of innovation as it is today? Tomorrow will be a good test to see how Apple will fair on Wall Street.

It will be his highlights in animation and technology that he will always be remembered for. In 1995 he was chief executive in Pixar Animation Studios; he became a member on the board of directors on The Walt Disney Company in 2006 following the acquisition of Pixar. In 1995 he was the executive producer of the Disney Epic film Toy Story. Steve Jobs was truly a man of many talents. His creativity in the digital field will not go unnoticed. He was truly an American Icon.


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