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Our hearts

image for poemaMy love, my darling, my honey, my sugar, my chocolate, my vanilla

My, my, my and my…

I could go on and on

But no words will ever be enough to describe what you are to me


You gave me meaning when no one else could

You stayed by my side when no one else could

You held me tight and dried my tears when no one else could

And you loved me without restraint

When even I thought I was unlovable


You are more to me than words can describe

More than anything else, more than breath itself

And for that, my love, I give you myself

Just as I am, just as I will be

For our love shall shine brighter than the sun

And our hands shall forever be joined

And our hearts shall forever be intertwined


Claire Bijou

Port-au-Prince 2/14/16

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