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Milca is back with Pense à moi

By Christine Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine Staff Writer

Haitian zouk queen is back on the airways with her latest single Pense à moi. Since posted on Youtube last April, the video has already been viewed more than 45 thousand times. Many zouk watchers are saying this one is following the footsteps of Simplement, the song that crowned Milca as the Haitian zouk sensation. This song is part of the zouk compilation album L’annee du zouk 2012 which was digitally released mid-February of this year and features other zouk artists, such as Kenedy, Perle Lama, Patrice Hulman, Aycee Jordan, and Soumia.

The song is talking about how she is feeling frustrated in her relationship, and how she wonders if her significant other is ever thinking about her or somebody else. The video was directed by Bruno Slam and shot in downtown Paris.

Unfortunately, the song Pense à moi doesn’t represent an upcoming new album from the zouk star. According to online zouk magazine Le blog du zouk, the song was an idea by Aztec Production for another yearly zouk compilation, and that Milca has no plans of working on an album at this time.

This is not the first time Milca has released single just for a compilation album. In early 2011, Milca released Que des mots for the Bien Glace III mix tape which was digitally released on Feburary 2011, featuring various other zouk artists such as Kaysha, Lyah, and legendary zouk duo Face à Face.

Pense à moi seems to be another opportunist attempt for Milca just to get some attention. Her beautiful voice is a vivid reminder that Milca is still in the game, and her fans can’t seem to want to wait.

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