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Marcel Proust: 150 years later

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Ardain Isma

CSMS Magazine

This year, the birth of Marcel Proust is being celebrated in the literary world. He is the immortal French writer and the author of À la Recherche du Temps Perdu (In Search Lost Time), a novel of 7 volumes considered to be the most sophisticated piece of literature of the 20th century. He would be 150 years old.
Novelist and essayist, “Proust not only brought to the fore the beauty of centuries past but also set the scene for the era of modernism. This genius could not have so gloriously entered the twentieth century had he not proudly stood on the shoulders of giants.” -From the Conclusion
Proust’s story is one of endurance and conviction. When he submitted the first volume to Maison Gallimard, the most prestigious publishing house in the Francophone world, the submission was rejected on the advice of French Nobel Price winner for literature André Paul Guillaume Gide. But Gide later admitted that decision was the biggest mistake of his life. Graham Greene called Proust the “greatest novelist of the 20th century.”

Proust died before he could finish his revision of the drafts and proofs of the final volumes, “the last three of which were published posthumously and edited by his brother Robert.”

Do you know of him?

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