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British-Bulgarian actor Miro Kokenov in “The Conversation”

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Two weeks ago, I had the privilege to welcome to The Conversation British-Bulgarian actor and comedian Miro Kokenov. He is the actor of the critically-acclaimed movie Yellow Day and the main actor of the popular show The Burning Gadulka, his main show in London. That show is a monodrama stemmed from contemporary Bulgarian arts. According to Miro, the show is based on a story written by famous Bulgarian writer Rayko Baychev. Originally written in Bulgarian, the show was eventually translated into English to serve an Anglophone audience that Miro seems to have conquered.  He’s funny and can make you laugh all the way to your ears.

Miro Kokenov was born in Bulgaria and immigrated to Great Britain years ago. Besides Yellow Day and The Burning Gadulka, Miro has been featured in other movies. Among them was Returns and Refunds, but Miro said that project was simply contractual. His fans will tell you that Miro Kokenov always “takes his audiences on a tragicomedy journey of doubt, sarcasm, and wonders of nature, [especially] in his solo performance steeped in Bulgarian folklore.

To learn more about Miro Kokenov, can visit his website.

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