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Author Sara Bushway speaks with Ardain Isma

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Last week, I had the honor to welcome Illinois based author Sara Bushway to “The Conversation.” We talked about her fantasy novel titled Honey Beaumont—a title which bears the name of her hero in the story. Like many other writers I have previously interviewed, Sara’s passion for writing fantasy did not happen overnight. “I started writing poetry when I was in high school, and the book [passion] happened randomly,” Sara said with a burst of laughter.

She dubs herself an unconventional writer, one who does not follow the natural order of things. “Everybody says I had been wanting to publish a book since I was ten years old,” she said sarcastically. She prides herself of being a typical Midwestern woman, and she thinks this may explain why she has developed such a passion for western fantasy as her preferred genre in literature. Honey Beaumont, however, is a hero who stands tall—one who “can find the strength and courage to return to the man who tried to destroy him and make things right for his people.”

As you will see in the video, Honey Beaumont will not be Sara’s only literary work. She plans on releasing many more. A true fantasy novelist, she is also an optimist; and if she were not invested in fantasy as her main genre, one may say, she would probably be endowed in magical realism like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the author of One Hundred Years of Solitude. But Sara is young, and therefore has a long and promising career ahead of her. Few years from now, she will perhaps be branded as the Midwestern writer who has pushed her way across genres to find her niche like many others before her.

Literature, however, is not Sara’s only passion. She lives in Edwardsville, Illinois. After graduating from Southern Illinois University with a degree in Psychology, she now works as a substance abuse counsellor at the Gateway Foundation.

Sara told me not to let her blue eyes and blonde hair fool me. She is of Italian origin, and she loves to cook. Not surprisingly, the Italian cuisine constitutes a major part of the gastronomy at home. Besides writing, cooking, her hobbies also include playing video games, knitting, crocheting, painting, and tabletop gaming. To learn more about Sara’s work, you can visit her Twitter page.

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