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Let’s watch Talina again


By Christine Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine

While we wait for the new clip, we just have to rest on this beautiful video titled Tout Lan Nuit (All Night Long). Featuring in this video is Young Chang, rapping in pure sweet Creole. It’s an R&B overlapped with a zouk melody—the Caribbean flavor that runs in our veins to usher an unforeseen vibe that all partygoers yearn for. It’s a CSMS Magazine’s dedication to all zouk lovers. Oh, wait! Jiskas ke soley la leve ou pe rete pa bouje baby, souple. (I want you to stay in my arms until sunrise. It’s a beg, please…. Talina, the golden honey who strolls in feline motion, has the zouk in her soul. Let’s watch.

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