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It's Your Money, The Way I See It (March 2010)

By Andrew Robbins

CSMS Magazine Staff Writer

Are you for or against the health care legislation? I have no idea what is written within that giant health care package, but I do know that you and I will ultimately finance it. That’s right, if you pay property taxes or have taxable income, we are the individuals that will ultimately pay for all government spending.

No way in hell do the RICH pay for these programs.

Wait now, the president said, “Only the rich,” those couples making over $250,000, will be taxed financing his Health Care Program.

Does anyone really believe the RICH have NO ability to transfer tax burdens to their customers? Place a tax on corporations and that tax transfers to consumers. Business taxes result in WE the people paying a higher price for goods or services.

Mr. President, get real, it is the working stiff that ultimately pays for government programs!

If the government wants to put people to work, it needs to stop taxing businesses. Corporations mine and ship, mill and ship, wholesale and ship, all ultimately produce end products for the consumer. At every step, government’s tax employers, have you seen this ad? “The lowest corporate taxes in North America, the cheapest place to do business.” It is found in the province of Ontario, Canada. That ad got employers’ attention. We need leadership that creates a business friendly environment.

I can tell you that city, town and state governments would be the first to line up and resist the suggestion of ‘no business tax’. I am appalled at the number of voters that fail to realize their local tax dollars are used by city governments to lobby legislators for higher taxes. In many parts of this country, the voter’s tax dollars pay for lobbyist to walk the halls of federal and state governments requesting that legislators increase your taxes.

If you have a desire to invest/manage your money, than let me suggest that you view Kramer at CNBC.com (US Videos). Each evening (Monday through Friday), he provides listeners with investment insight. Next morning, last evenings program is available for your review.

If you wonder why I stopped writing this column, let me explain. I wrote an article that included the words ‘undocumented workers’. Readers complained to the editor, and without my knowledge that article was edited.

I had previously believed that CSMS Magazine was a form available to all, and that no group had a right to sensor another reader’s access to information. It is my belief that you will never agree with everything a writer conveys, and it is your responsibility to embrace those ideas that enhance your life and reject those that do not. Never let another special interest group sensor your magazine.

Note: CSMS Magazine and the author are not in the business of providing financial services or advice. Prior to investing, readers must seek professional assistance.

Andrew Robbins is the author of: It Took My Breath Away; One Man’s Experience May Save Your Life. He may be reached by email at: awrobbins1@earthlink.net

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