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Its Your Money, The Way I See It (2009-Part I)

By Andrew Robbins


CSMS Magazine Staff Writer

How does one obtain financial independence? If you have no idea where to begin, I suggest you start with a copy of the Holy Bible. I use the King James Version.

Your first one-page reading assignment is the Old Testament, Exodus chapter 20. By placing God foremost in your life, the Ten Commandments simplify a complex world.

In addition, there are requirements to honor, ‘honour’ our parents, and if you are married, be faithful to your union.

Interesting, Thou shall not kill does not prohibit you from making a killing on Wall Street. Nor does Thou shall not steal prevent you from legally stealing/taking profits from the rich and the uneducated.

The Ten Commandments do not mention skin pigmentation, gay marriage, abortion, gun control, or other distractions intended to divide and keep you from your destiny. Stay focused, and surround yourself with mentors that want you to succeed financially but also hold on to a day when you no longer need their assistance.

Your last reading assignment, The Proverbs. I summarize this chapter in two words, educate thyself. Until the day you die, continue to learn and self-educate.

Not everyone lost money in 2008; traders that had spectacular gains were educated, disciplined, focused, and persistent. Search for an online broker that strives to take on new investors and partner her/him to financial independence. If independence is your goal, than the tools for success are at your finger tips.

Note : CSMS Magazine and the author are not in the business of providing financial services or advice. Prior to investing, readers should seek professional assistance.

Andrew Robbins is the author of “It Took My Breath Away: One Man’s Experience May Save Your Life.” By email, he may be reach at: awrobbins1@earthlink.net

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