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Midnight at Noon in Downtown Saint Augustine!

ardain and fansCSMS Magazine Staff Writers

Monday night was dazzling as ever for Midnight at Noon. Three book clubs joined hands to greet one of the most powerful Haitian novels and its prolific writer, Dr. Ardain Isma. The event took place right off King Street, not far off Ponce De Leon Boulevard. It was organized under the leadership of Kathy Simic, who is an influential member of one of the groups made up of passionate readers and ardent promotors of social justice. It was 7:15 pm when Dr. Ardain Isma pulled into the parking lot. He was immediately greeted by Kathy, who then presented him to the audience numbered about 20 people.

Almost all of them had a copy of Midnight. They all already read it and, with the book, brought notes of questions they wanted to ask Dr. Isma, who was visibly moved by the warm atmosphere of camaraderie.  Ardain spoke at length about the history of Haiti and about the makeup of Midnight—gut wrenching and socio-politically driven. Many of the members were people who had been involved in humanitarian projects in developing countries, including Haiti.

One woman has two 2 adopted children from Haiti. A representative of Pax Christi International was also there. The event started with a quote from the last chapter of the book eloquently read by Kathy Simic. It was where Ardain makes reference to the “greatest maladies of our time [is] the quest to have it all….to kill without mercy and to shoot our way to the top.” Everyone was mesmerized.” As a rock star, Ardain then stood surrounded by gleeful participants, posing for souvenir pictures. To order a copy of Midnight at Noon, click here: Midnight at Noon   

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