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Haiti: The last push to drive Jovenel Moise out

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Port-au-Prince—Debased, Jovenel Moise has been reportedly to be scooped up somewhere in the Haitian capital, paralyzed by spook. He has yet to make any statement to confirm he is still “president” of the republic. His last effort to force a prime minister is all but doomed. He was heavily counted on legislators from PHTK, the party in power, to do the trick since they are in the majority. That too failed yesterday when demonstrators stormed the parliament building and smeared floors and walls with human waste. This was the same thing in Gonaives, the country’s 3rd largest city, where the people in rage seized control of Murat Cantave’s personal residence. He is the president of the senate.

Now, it’s a practical fait accompli that Jovenel Moise is no longer a functional head of state, if he has ever been. The question is: How do you effectively seize power without a unified force? A national figure or a united front has yet to spring. For sure, time is NOT on Jovenel Moise’s favor, but as crooked and as parasitic as he is, he can still hold on, claiming he is still the president. The moment is NOW!

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In the videos below, you’ll see how the masses are no longer afraid.

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