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Haiti: Saint Louis du Nord and Port-de-Paix on edge

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Saint Louis du Nord—According to CSMS Magazine correspondent in the Northwest, these two key towns of that province have been trying to bring some semblance of normality. In Saint Louis, some schools have been reopened. But the town’s Mayor is still nowhere to be seen. He has yet to account for the money he was accused of embezzling.

In Port-de-Paix, drivers stand in line for hours to buy few gallons of gasoline as the picture confirms. Meanwhile, a black market has emerged. If you don’t want to stand in line to buy gas at 250 gourdes per gallon, you can buy one gallon for 1000 gourdes—A CLASSIC PRICE GAUGING.

It’s not safe to travel from Saint Louis to Port-au-Prince, and bus drivers can’t protect human lives in the event of a problem as armed men roam the highways, searching for potential preys.

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