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Haiti: Stop crying, let’s fight on!

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Another sad day for Haiti as this one marks the 6th anniversary of the devastated earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands. It was a calamity that left irreparable, psychological harm to Haitians everywhere. Haiti never recovers from the disaster and, to make matters worse, those who claim to be Haiti’s leaders, have been using the country’s misery to go panhandling in order to fill their personal coffers. It’s a double sadness, but it is a moment to reflect upon what needs to be done to retrieve Haiti from the brank.

First and foremost, we need to write off or fight off our desire for self-fulfillment crafted with a blunt egoism and other self-centered feelings. This petty bourgeois’ natural urge must be met with patriotic devotion in order to subdue the sense of revulsion—wholehearted repugnance—that is eating away the bewildered hearts and minds of millions of deprived Haitians.  

If you love Haiti, you can’t sit idle and let evildoers and their international accomplices take center-stage. Their aim is to lead the drive to force underground the voices of opposition to their PLAN OF BETRAYAL.  

Ase plere, annou lite!

Stop crying, let’s fight on!    

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