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Haiti: Jovenel Moise’s carnival scheme goes up in smoke!

fire in champs de mars

Ardain Isma

CSMS Magazine

Haitian president Jovenel Moise has been working hard to show the world that he is back in control of his country mired in a political crisis with no end in sight. First, he tries repression, using brute force against innocent civilians protesting his rule, and despite countless episodes of massacres orchestrated by his henchmen—according to Amnesty International and other human rights organizations—Jovenel Moise has been unable to silence the population. Then, he tries to put together something he calls “a unity government.” So far, this seems stalled, for no credible politician wants to take part. Now, his last hope is to organize the annual grand festivity—the carnival. Last night, angry police officers dashed it. It is not enough to use the word “clumsiness” to describe Jovenel Moise’s leadership. With all fairness, it can only be labeled as imbecilic, cold-hearted and criminal.

As Le Nouvelliste, a daily newspaper in Port-au-Prince, puts it, “des policiers en colère….incendient le stand présidentiel en premier. Le feu fait son œuvre. Spectaculaire. Crépusculaire. (Angry police officers took on the presidential stand first. The fire has accomplished his goal—Spectacular. Crepuscular.) Then the article concluded with these words,” Ce qui s’est passé au Champ de Mars ce 17 février marque un tournant. Ce ne sont pas des stands qui ont brûlé. C’est bien plus que ça. (What happened in the Champs-de-Mars on February 17 marked a turning point. It was not only the stands that were consumed in the fire. It was more than that.)

Watch the videos below.

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You can read Le Nouvelliste article in French:  Ce ne sont pas des stands qui ont brûlé

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