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Haiti on the verge of a civil war

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Port-au-Prince—A bloody showdown between police and forces loyal to president Jovenel Moise is underway. Haitian police have been protesting for months for the right to organize themselves as a union in order to channel their grievances. But this has been consistently rejected by the government. Last week, they descended to the streets in protest. Instead of listening to them, the government fired their leaders and sent a warning to any police officer who dares to challenge the chain of command. Today, groups of police officers who call themselves 509-PDPD (Polis Devan Pèp la Dèyè),which means the people are solidly behind the police movement, took up arms to make their voices heard. It is not clear if it is the entire police force that is in defiance or a just a fraction of it. The latest news out of Port-au-Prince confirm several arteries are shut down, including the main entrance to the country’s national palace. At least one police officer has been reportedly killed and others have been wounded. This police rebellion has spread throughout the country, according to Yves Duchet, our correspondent in Haiti. The carnival projected to start today has been postponed. The Haitian struggle has entered a new phase. You can watch the videos below.

Haiti: Jovenel Moise’s carnival scheme goes up in smoke!

Haiti: Jovenel Moise and his kleptocratic crew face an erupting volcano

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