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Haiti and the ancillary findings of the week

CSMS Magazine Staff Writers

In the Caribbean news this week, Haiti will be put on display this coming Saturday on France 2 and TV 5. These presentations will coincide with the 6th month of recovery effort since the Caribbean country was struck last January by a devastating earthquake that left half a million people dead, more than one million internally displaced and scores of victims homeless.  At 10 o’ clock eastern standard time, Sebastian Follin of France 2 will receive Port-au-Prince popular folk singer, Belo.  Belo will be the guest of honor in the hit program, Acoustic.  Later on the day, there will a documentary on Haiti. The latter will show where the country stands after 6 months of effort to help it recover from the catastrophe. Later on the evening, a comedy in music will also be displayed to help raise money for the embattled nation. Despite tons of efforts by Haitian compatriots and many in the international community, one has yet to see signs of a tangible relief. Port-au-Prince continues to lie in ruins, and for its inhabitants, life is just like hell on earth.

Harmonick failed to advance in America Got Talent

Harmonick failed to advance in the final round in the show America got talent. Last night, the Haitian Konpa group was voted out. But one wonders why such band with impeccable musicians had to belittle itself to be in a show with amateurs. Harmonick already has the talent to break through the US or European market. They just need to find the right producers to make it happen.

By the way, what happened last night was just a replay of what happened last February. If there is something Harmonick has gained from this competition is that it has increased its exposure to a wider American audience. It remains to be seen whether this will help. Harmonick is indeed a great band.

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