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A world cup with a lot of surprises

CSMS Magazine Staff Writers

After Brazil’s stunning loss against the Netherlands last week, the remaining South American teams are all but disappeared, losing every one of the matches. Uruguay is the only country still in the competition, but only to play a consolation game against Germany this Saturday at 1:30 eastern standard time. This is a world cup ravaged by blunders, mishaps and amazing surprises. Every country favored to win the ultimate prize has been eliminated. Although the final battle will be among two European countries, it will not be Germany, which was eliminated yesterday Spain, and it will not be Italy or France, which did not even get the chance to move to the second round. Brazil’s coach was fired on the spot, and Maradona, the Argentine legendary coach had an ugly exit, when Germany swept his team with a 4-0 victory.

South Africa, the host nation was denied the qualification to move the second round, and none of the African teams made it to the semi final. This is sad. The black Stars of Ghana nearly made it after a hotly contested math against Uruguay, but their immaturity failed them. However, critics believe the Ghanaian team was one of the best in the world competition. But this Sunday, who ever wins will make history, for none of the finalists has ever won the cup before. For Spain, it would be a double header if it wins Sunday, for it currently holds the title of the European champ. The team really imposed itself yesterday against Germany. Despite a narrow victory (1-0), the Spanish team dominated the Germans almost the entire match, and they missed lots of other opportunities.  The Dutch never won the ultimate title either, although they have been finalists before. So, the final game will be a classic to watch.

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