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Education and ancillary findings

Chantale Jimenez

CSMS Magazine

AA052663Broward County School District is reportedly to hire investigators to look into allegations of families that lie about addresses to get into specific schools. According to the Fort-Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, school officials are trying to seriously implement a school zoning ordinance which requires parents to enroll students to schools assigned to their section of town. Because of failing grades, many parents would prefer to have their children enrolled in A or B schools.

The gender issues continue

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Monroe County School District officials plan to build schools with single-person restrooms but will not create a policy on transgender use of school bathrooms. On the same report, Rep. Janet Adkins, running for Nassau superintendent, urges Florida Governor Rick Scott to join a lawsuit challenging federal guidelines on transgender students. According to the Tampa Bay, the latter story was reported on the NPR affiliated station Jacksonville WJCT.

On the last note, all schools’ activities have been closed this evening on the First Coast.

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